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3-D Relief / Wall Art Installation / Paintings

Thank you for taking the time to stop by my site.  I work with Individuals, Designers, Art Collectors, Businesses, etc.. We can help with All your Design & Art Needs...from something as simple as  choosing the right paint colors for your home, to Designing a Painting for a gift, to Creating a Statement Piece for your entry.
 If you don't see what you are looking for, just ask.  I am always open to New ideas.

Schedule your appointment today for a free consultation or request an information packet 208-691-5964 *Text/call or message me thru facebook, twitter, instagram (creativeartstac) or email.  (If I don't answer immediately, then I'm either in a meeting, or working on Art.  I usually reply within 24 hrs, unless I don't receive the message.)

Typical Questions Asked:

1) Why the new name Mitzka Fine Arts? Mitzka Fine Arts is actually derived from my family name, I just revised it in a way it's easier to pronounce.    It came about as we are working on our own Virtual Gallery by The Roxy Art Market.)  It's not finished-(hoping March 2019), but you can go ahead & check it out. .www.mitzkafinearts.com (This website  (creativeartstac.com) will still be maintained.)

2)  What kind of Materials do you use?     I use a variety of different Mediums. Nothing is ever real.

  a) Depending on location?, (where is it going indoors or outdoors),
.I have my own special mixes for Plaster, Concrete, etc..with 20 years of experimenting... ..you learn a lot.
  b) Subject matter?..
Some subjects are very detailed, which require a totally different material.
  c) Paint?
Paint all depends on location first, then preference.  I use acrylic for most indoor wall installations, yet oils for most smaller pieces. 
Note*  Some clients want statement pieces while others just want an architectural detail added.

3) Do I have to purchase an existing Relief/Painting or will you create a Custom Piece for
You can either purchase one of my Originals or I can create a Custom Painting/Relief for you. You just tell me your ideas, give me sketches & / or photos & I will take it from there

4) Why do prices vary on Paintings /Reliefs ?
Each a
nd every Painting and Bas/Alto Relief/ 3-D/Sculpted Wall Mural is Custom Designed, so prices vary depending on location, size, details,  type of paint used, etc..
(Photos do not always show all the detail & sometimes smaller pieces can take longer than larger pieces.)

5) Do you take your own Photos?
 Yes, I take most of my own photos, but sometimes friends & family give me photos that they've taken to use for my Art pieces.  If you have photos that you would like to share or would let me use, text or message me!

6) Can I purchase a Gift Certificate or something for a friend?

Of Course!  We have Gift Certificates, Paintings, Reliefs, Treasure Boxes, Ornaments, etc... I do custom Orders.
( Don't see something on here that your looking for, just ask.)
(We do travel to job sites (any where) & of course we can ship or bring the Custom Art to you.. Client pays expenses.) 

7) Where can I purchase Art?
You can call /text or message me  as I do take Pay Pal & I can accept Most credit Cards. I can have prints/ Glicees made also.
  You can call to see pieces at my studio, or shop at the Show Rooms I have listed, like Ironstone/Mountain Comfort as they have a selection for sale. 

 (All Art on site is For Sale if listed with price.  We also work with different budgets & I have a lay away plan for those who may need that.)
8) Do you have a Studio?  We are in the Process of building a new Studio.  It should be completed late Spring 2019!

P.S>  My degree is in Fashion, so on the side I still do that occasionally (Color draping/Wardrobe Consulting, etc)    facebook:   NW Style & Image.

Let's Help children & their families!    With every purchase of Art  (Bas Relief/Paintings/Murals/Prints/Gifts) that I list or do...5% goes to help children. (St. Judes Children's Hospital, Children's Miracle Network, Shriner's, or any other local Children's charity of your choice.)

I do accept Pay Pal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express!