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"Colors of the Night"
"Country Dreams"
"Golden Iris" 3-D Oil
"Lakeside Fire" 3-D Oil
"Morning Sail" 3-D Oil
"Mountain Sunset" 3-D Oil
"Northern Skies"
"Peeking Thru"
"Red Poppy"
"Rivers Edge"
"Spring in Glacier" 3-D Painting
"Sweet Humming"
"Stillness in the Reeds" 3-D Oil
"Troubled Waters"- 3-D Acrylic
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Each of these paintings is Sculpted & Carved, then sealed & painted. It is either painted with Acrylic or Oil Paints or a combination of both.  (Usually Bas/Alto Reliefs are sealed, painted just one color and then Faux finished/Glazed.)
When painting a Painted Relief the sky is done during the process, as it is the main backdrop of the painting.  3-D Paintings are a little trickier than a regular painting, but the effects are beautiful!  Check out the listings on the side bar ("Colors of the Night", "Lakeside Fire", "Sweet Hummings", "Troubled Waters", etc.)