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What is Bas Relief?  Well here is the technical term: A French term from the Italian basso-relievo ("low relief"), bas relief is a sculpture technique in which figures and/or other design elements are just barely more prominent than the (overall flat) background.

First of course the scene is sketched onto the wall/panel.  Then I basically add to the wall, sculpt, & carve directly on the wall or a panel.  Once I am finished with the carving it is sealed.  It  then can be painted with different finishes &/ or glazes. You choose the color you like or we can match your walls in your home.  (The panels can also be done with oils, once they have been sealed/primed correctly.)   If done on a panel we then install it.
  We highly recommend Lights! The 3-D Art/ Relief really stands out with the correct lighting!

These walls are very elegant & transform the room completely...Original Art that can be enjoyed year after year!