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3-D Relief -Aspen with stream
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3-D Wall Cougar overlooking Canyon
3-D Relief - Eagle
3-D Relief - Grand Tetons
3-D Relief -"Sailing"
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You may purchase one of the Original Bas/Alto Relief Paintings shown here in on-line or have an Original Relief created just for you.  (It might be your favorite place, reminds you of someplace special...Just tell me what you want, your ideas or give me a photo and we will go from there to create / custom design an art piece just for you.)
 I have some pieces on display at several places: Blades Design Center on Division in Spokane, Washington, Ironstone/Mountain Comfort Furnishings in CDA, Idaho, RDI Heating & Cooling, Hayden, Idaho.  I also always bring a few to the shows I display at.  (Please Note: Any of these Bas Reliefs can be done on walls in any color. After all we want to match your decor.)

"Relax with Vino" - $2,800.