Artist Tammy A Mitzka-Crawford
Bas (low) & Alto-Relievo ( high)  Reliefs /  3-D Sculpted Walls
Commisioned 3-D Wall Installations / Custom 3-D Reliefs & Art
 3-D Wall Sculptures / Paintings Gallery..3-D/Sculpted/Carved
3-D Mini Wall Sculptures
Exterior Reliefs/Doors/Fireplace Decor
Painting Gallery (Oils, Acrylic, Pastels)
Reflections of the past..Sold Paintings & Reliefs
Prints / Glilcee/ Cards
Gifts / Items for Sale/Commission
Artist Renderings
Beautiful Glass Ornaments
Giclee / Prints
Glass Etching/ Engravings
Painted Boxes
Treasure Boxes (Painted)
Pet Portraits
Color & Design Consulting
Art Lessons / Summer Painting workshops
Stores / Galleries / Exhibits
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Under the headings (to the left)  you will find more works of Art you may purchase or ideas of things you may want to commission me for. (Just click on the links!)

If something isn't listed here, but you saw it on a Social Media Site, just message us.  We are in the process of adding new items.  Thank you!

  Any questions, please text or call (208) 691-5964.

Sold..but you can always order a custom one or check out the few I have at Mountain Comfort!