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Here at Northwest Style and Image we believe Image does make a first Impression.
Did you know that in less than 4 seconds someone will decide whether you are professional or not, whether they should take you serious, if you value yourself, if you are approachable, etc.. all before you open your mouth to speak. Pretty sad, but lets face the facts, most of us judge people by their appearance even if we shouldn't. What's worse is when we are judged by the same token. It can cost us clients, promotions, recommendations, relationships, etc., even if we are the best in the field, most qualified, or have a heart of gold.

How are we to promote, share, listen, mentor, or teach others if people are afraid to approach us. OK, now most of us are not that scary, but sometimes we get lazy, sloppy, or just don't think anyone will notice.

How many times were you surprised when you got to the store wearing sweats, unkempt hair, ill-groomed, and behold there standing in front of you is your boss or potential client? How professional do you feel when your wearing flip flops and shorts, or yet how do you think you appear to your client or to your employee? Ask yourself this at your next job interview; "I am qualified for the job, have a great resume, but do I have the right look?"

Truth is; People do notice those who take the time to look good.  Since so many people don't take the time any more and dress so poorly, those who do take the time stand out.  Quote by Judith Graham " In a professional world, if you prefer casual dress, then expect casual pay".

Perhaps you may be feeling like you need a change, update, or some help for the following reasons:  you are the person who has either gained weight, or loss several sizes, feel to tall or short, aren't sure what is your style, what is the most flattering for your figure, just want to update your wardrobe, learn what colors look best on you, have a special occasion to attend, or maybe you just want a personal shopper who will give you an honest opinion.

We each have unique body types, styles and personalities.  It is our goal here at NW Style and Image to help you understand your body type, what colors look best on you, & how to accessorize your outfits all with your individual style in mind so you can portray the image you want. 

We are to help you with the Total image.  Whether its just for you or your business/group image.
Give us a call today at [208)-691-5964.  We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us on our contact page or at our e-mail address: [nwstyleandimage@live.com].