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Art is Therapy!
Art is Therapy!. Art Lessons in the open air while in a beautiful, Park setting strengthen your visual sensitivity, while exploring major elements like light, value, color and composition.   Nestled in the quiet forest with gardens, ponds, etc  while listening to the sounds of birds singing, squirrels chirping, or water babbling over the rocks.  It is simply relaxing & inspiring!.  ( If it is raining we offer a studio to work in orcovered area.) Classes are offered for all levels of experience.

This summer I am offering Plein air art lessons (weather permitting) for ages 4 and up.  We usually start with  pencil and pastel, until I know your abilities  Then the medium of your choice (pastel, oil, acrylic, or water color.)  Call today to enroll or for any questions you may have.

 Classes are usually Tuesday or Thursday; 9:AM , 11:AM, or 1:PM.  Private lessons are individually scheduled

Private, Semi private-(3 to 5), and Group (5 to 10).  
Kids Creative Art Day Camp is also offered. 
Prices are listed below for Private, Semi-Private and Group: 

Please Note:  There is a discount when 4 or more lessons are purchased in advance,  Lessons are non-refundable, but can be made up within the 2022 Summer.

We are currently working on  Creative Classes & Lesson Schedules for 2022.

Cruisin with MitzkaFineArts 2021:
2 different cruise options:(Carribean & Alaska)

Relief Art & Painting on the Island:
Vacation in Style & be creative in Hawaii!

If you are Interested please send us your email, so we can send you more information!mitzkafinearts@gmail.com

Kids Creative Art Day Camp 2022
This Camp provides a safe & creative place for children to Express themselves.Art  is known to help Reduce stress, anxiety and everyday struggles.
 (Geared for children with Trauma, but great for All children)

Kids get to explore the creative process with a variety of mediums and
work with different materials on each day.  (There will be breaks for lunch & snacks..BYO.)

Activities include:
Working with different mediums:  Pencil, Ink, Pastel, Acrylics, etc...
Creating Art with Mixed medias
Colorful Crafts
Creating with Nature
Edible creations
Painting Nature
Silly  Nature Cartoons
Nature Walks
Tree Identification
3-D Creations
Birds & their nest

Camp Dates: (Contact for more information)