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Art Lessons in the open air while in a beautiful setting strengthen your visual sensitivity, while exploring major elements like light, value, color and composition.  Classes are offered for all levels of experience.

This summer I am offering Plein air art lessons (weather permitting) for ages 4 and up.  For those under 14 in group we will be mainly working with pencil and pastel.  For those over 15- the medium of your choice (pastel, oil, acrylic, or water color.)  Call today to enroll or for any questions you may have.

 Classes are Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday; 9:AM to 10:AM, 10:AM to 11:AM, or 11:AM to 1:PM.  Private lessons are individually scheduled.

Private, Semi private-(2-3), and group (4-7).   Prices are listed below for Private, Semi-Private and Group:  (Receive $5.00 off first lesson in June 2016.)

Please Note:  There is a discount when 4 or more lessons are purchased in advance,  Lessons are non-refundable, but can be made up within the 2011 Summer.

Private Lesson- Semi -Private (2 to 3 students) 
age 4 to 9:-1.5 hrs-$25.00
age 10 to 14:-1.5 hr-$30.00
15 & up: 1.5 hrs. -$35.00
age 4 to 9: 1 hrs $15.00 or 2 hrs-$20.00
age 10 to 14: 1.hrs $18.00 or 2 hrs -$25.00
age 14 & up: 1 hrs. $22.00 or 2 hrs- $30.00

Group Lessons (4 to 7 students)
age 4 to 9: 1 hr- $10.00 or  2 hrs $15.00
age 10 to 14: 1 hr.- $15.00 or 2 hrs $20.00
age 14 & up: 1 hs-$15.00 or 2 hrs $25.00