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Professional Artist specializing in Fine Art, Original Paintings, Bas / Alto Relief, 3-D Sculpted Walls/Panels/Paintings.  Landscapes & Nature are her main interest, however she is always open to New ideas & challenges. The Relief Art Tammy does is Permanent, Beautiful, Inspiring, Intriguing, and will create a "Wow Factor", unique to your space, or she can simply add that Architectural detail.

With Tammy's Vast experience & Distinctive Artistry she can Design something simple or Extreme.  It depends on the Location, Design, Budget, & the look you wish to achieve.
(Reliefs can be Low / High, Created on Panels, Created to fit a Frame, or Directly on Walls.)

Each piece is Custom Designed, so Before starting a piece of work, she Looks at it from every aspect of Life.  Her desire with her Artwork is to Create a Special Place to Linger, Encourage, Inspire, Enjoy, & to remind us of the Incredible Beauty that is around us.

Her favorite verse:  "With God All Things are Possible".

(208 ) 691-5964 Text or call   (please leave a message if you call)
email:  mitzkafinearts@gmail.com or
Social Media: creativeartstac /  Mitzkafinearts