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I find the verse "All things are Possible with God," as my source of encouragement before starting each new piece of art work.  My name is Tammy A. Crawford and I live in beautiful North Idaho with my family.  Living in the Northwest I am inspired to paint or sculpt by just taking a walk, smelling the fresh air and seeing the grandeur of nature.

Landscapes and nature are my main areas of interest.  I prefer the medium of oil when Painting, & enjoy the art of Bas & Alto Reliefs/ 3-D /Sculpting/Murals.  Lately I started combining the 2 which results in 3-D Oil paintings. (At the request of the customer I'm comfortable working with all different types of Art Forums & mediums; pastels, acrylics, pencil, glass, and ink.)  I am always open to any idea &  I look forward to a new challenge that may take me on an exciting journey.

Before I start a piece of work, I look at it from every aspect of life.  My desire with each painting is to create a special place to linger, rest, enjoy, and remember the incredible beauty that is around us.  Often times we rush through life and forget to take the time to cherish the splendor of nature that is before us each and every day.  I am truly blessed daily getting to spend time with family, friends, and being able to paint God's awesome creation.
  My passion in life is to Encourage, Inspire and Bless others through my artwork.

(208 ) 691-5964 Text or call   (please leave a message if you call)
Social Media: creativeartstac