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I have always loved nature, being creative & inspiring others. However there was a time when I thought I'd never be able to do anything, including my art.

As newly weds my husband & I moved to Eugene Oregon to further our education. My focus at 23 was in the fashion industry / modeling & raising our 2 daughters.

This became extremely hard to do though after a severe fall/head injury that caused constant headaches, pain, dizziness, & nausea. I couldn't remember simple things. It was frightening!

After 67 doctors appointments, x rays, MRI's etc. I was diagnosed with brain tumors, fibromyalgia, and nerve damage. I was told I would not live that long or I would be totally crippled before I turned 35. Surgery was not an option. I had a great team of doctors. They experimented with different treatments, nothing worked. I felt like an experiment gone wrong.

It really didn't hit me how sick I was until an insurance agent told me they could not insure me, because I may not wake up tomorrow. My immediate thought; no one knows how long they have. (For with God all things are possible. Only He knows how long I have.) I needed a change. I already ate healthy, exercised daily, but I needed to get away from the stress. We needed a fresh start, so we moved to the mountains of North Idaho & built our dream home.

Being surrounded by nature I was inspired to make Art my career.

Besides spending time outdoors and daily devotions, I try to eat healthy, exercise and take dietary supplements. Sure, I still have constant headaches, can't get life insurance, but I get to create Art surrounded by nature.

I get to create Beautiful 3-D Wall Sculptures & paintings for my clients that cherish nature & Love life!

 "With God All Things are Possible".

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