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Typical Questions asked:

1).  Why 2 different names?  I changed my name to Mitzka Fine Arts last Summer, but as most know me as CreativeartsTAC, I will keep it as well for several more years.   (Mitzka Fine Arts is actually derived from my maiden name. )
2).  When will the Mitzka Fine Art website be completed?  Mitzkafinearts.net is now available.  Mitzkafinearts.com will soon be available. It will have AR & VR on it.

3). What kind of Materials do you use?     I use a variety of different Mediums.  Nothing is ever real.
      A) Depending on location?....Where is it going?  Indoors or Outdoors, surrounding a fireplace, in a bathroom, etc?   .(Each location , wall or panel require special prep work.)   As far as exact materials, I have my own special mixes I make for Plaster, Concrete, etc..with 20 years of experimenting... ..you learn a lot. 

     B) Subject Matter?  Tree, bird, mountain, rock... do I want it detailed or impressionism?  A lot of thought & time goes into each piece.  As I use special wires for some things like pine needles  with each one being hand cut, & placed in place with tweezers.  Leaves could either simply each be cut out of silk & hand stained or I might individually sculpt/carve each one. 

     C)  Paint?  What paint & sealers I use on each piece depends on location, customer preference & budgets..  On most my smaller pieces I do Oils, as I love the way the light reflects, changing colors.    However I do also paint large pieces like "Sunset Surrender" in Oils, which the color constantly changes in the sky depending on the light. 

     D) Installation?  Reliefs can be installed directly on a wall or on a special panel, created exactly for the location it will be installed.  All Reliefs are created on custom panels, & are designed to either be framed or not. 

4).  Why do prices vary on Paintings /Reliefs ?
Each and every Painting and Bas/Alto Relief/ 3-D/Sculpted Wall Mural is Custom Designed, so prices vary depending on location, size, detail type of paint used, etc.. (Photos do not always show all the detail & sometimes smaller pieces can take longer than larger pieces.  There is more detail in some of my pieces than a Bronze. )

5) What if I want a custom piece?Of course I can create a custom piece.. Each & every piece / wall sculpture/ painting is an Original & has been custom created .
6)  What is the process to have a Wall Sculpture created for me?Contact me & I will either email you a form or put it in the mail that explains the process.

Do you have a Question that is not on here, please contact me at 208-691-5964.