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Just Imagine...
     Imagine your out on a hike.  Where is this trail leading you?  Is it sunny out, cloudy, or is it almost dark?   What kind of trail is it?  Are you in the forest, at the ocean, or next to a bubbling stream?  Are there any plants, bushes, or trees?  What do you hear;  the sounds of water, birds singing or the chirping of squirrels? 

  How does it make you feel when you are out enjoying nature or when you are reflecting on that fun memory from the past?  Does is give you peace? Inspiration? Joy? Maybe you have a great memory from a great hike, or road trip.  On this hike/trip to your surprise there was a beautiful, hidden Lake or a stunning waterfall.  It was breath taking, the perfect place to reflect! 

Each of our Custom Reliefs have been created from a memory, from stories told, from dreams/Imagination, or places yet to be seen.  We create the perfect place for you to linger, reflect, & Inspire you.

     Here at Mitzka Fine Arts we believe everyone needs Art!

Not just any Art, but Art that you connect with.  Art that isTherapeutic!    We spend a lot of time outdoors.  We love to bring the outdoors inside, as it brings about a sense of relaxation.  The colors we use are the same colors you find in nature. ( We constantly color match leaves, flower petals, pine needles, etc. unless of course you are going for a certain look.)
Our Studio is not only located inside with lots of windows, but just outside is the forest with a variety of trees (Pine, Fir, Cedar, Aspen, Birch, etc..) & vegetation. Our park like setting with grass, flower beds, streams & ponds is also the perfect setting for Art lessons. 

We strive to teach our students the beauty of Nature, as it is reflected in each lesson. 

This Summer we hope to have our brand , new studio completed.  Be sure to check back often for our opening! (If you are interested in coming out to the Studio, please message us.)

   Color & Design:Maybe you just want help with Colors or Design?  We can help you with that also!  The right colors can make your home so much more inviting..(We have several packages to offer.)