Artist Tammy A Mitzka-Crawford
Bas (low) & Alto-Relievo ( high)  Reliefs /  3-D Sculpted Walls
Commisioned 3-D Wall Installations / Custom 3-D Reliefs & Art
 3-D Wall Sculptures / Paintings Gallery..3-D/Sculpted/Carved
3-D Mini Wall Sculptures
Exterior Reliefs/Doors/Fireplace Decor
Painting Gallery (Oils, Acrylic, Pastels)
Reflections of the past..Sold Paintings & Reliefs
Prints / Glilcee/ Cards
Gifts / Items for Sale/Commission
Color & Design Consulting
Art Lessons / Summer Painting workshops
Stores / Galleries / Exhibits
Favorite Links

Interior Design  I help you choose colors,  shop for finishes/furnishings etc.. 
Whatever you need help with.

Limited info Design package-ideas & colors 1 to 2 hours $500.
Design & Shop- 2.5  to 4 hours $900.Colors, Design & shop -4.5 to 6 hours -$1200.00